Data exploitation web platform

INET COUNTERS puts at the service of all its clients, a platform for consumers, managers, administrators, communities of irrigation, etc. They can control the measured consumptions, controlling the irrigation systems, managing installations, managing alarms etc.


  • Three levels of access: Consumer / Manager / AdministratorCalculation of consumption
  • Graphs of hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual consumption
  • Time segmentation of consumption in weekly charts with or without accumulation between weekly days
  • Calculation and graphs of water balance (losses in distribution lines)
  • Data charts with battery levels, signal strengths, locations, etc.
  • Map monitoring of the location of meters, meters and repeaters status
  • Tele-control of irrigation
  • Generation and management of alarms (overconsumption, tampering, leaks, etc.)
  • Calculation of costs and invoicing
  • Generation of bank receipts
  • Export data
  • Integration of data with other applications and platforms
  • And much more